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How To: Install Yosemite on an Unsupported Mac!

I’m back with a much better guide to install Yosemite on your MacPro1,1 or other unsupported Mac. Before you begin, if you have a Mac Pro, get a better graphics card, your default one will suck, thanks to Yosemite. The one that I am using as a stop-gap actually works fine for Yosemite, it is currently $35 (USD) on Newegg, if you want it, here is the link. Now on to the guide!

NOTICE: I am not responsible for erasing or breaking your Mac! Continue at your own risk!

This works on the public release with some ‘shoe-horn’ing.

* An unsupported Mac, your choice if you deem it capable or not [Maverick Download Enabler].
* SFOTT Beta [download] [mirror]
* A USB Drive (8GB).
* OS X Yosemite.app


1. Download and install SFOTT from the link/mirror above.

2. Download Yosemite either from a suspicious location or from the Mac App Store (try using Mavericks Download Enabler if on unsupported Mac).

3. Rename ‘Install OS X Yosemite.app’ to ‘Install OS X Yosemite Beta.app’.
Hopefully that will not need to happen in newer versions of the script.

4. Plug the USB drive into your Mac and format it as ‘Mac OS Extended’ and name it SFOTT.

(photos will be added later)

Note: 12a only needs to be done if your Mac Pro’s graphic card doesn’t have EFI boot. If it does, you can still use 12a, but you can also use 12b.


1. Open SFOTTBeta and follow the instructions until you get to a numbered Terminal menu.

2. Go to the Extras menu (7) and then the Yosemite menu (9).

3. Select OS X Yosemite Public Beta (2), since the official option is a placeholder, lol.

4.Go back to the main menu (1) and go to settings (3).

5. Select ‘Choose USB/media for the sfott key’ (2) and select the SFOTT usb key you made earlier.

6. Return to the main menu (5) and then go to settings (3) then select option ‘Select the computer to use’ (3).

7. Use option ‘Choose current computer’ (1) and then select ‘Select OS X System Version’ (4).

8. Select ‘OS X Yosemite Public Beta’ (1)

9. Select ‘Select OS X Installer’ (5) and select ‘In the default /Applications Folder location (Faster)’ (1) It should work if you renamed your installer specified above.

10. Go back to the main menu and select ‘Create / Patch SFOTT Key’ (4).

11. Select ‘Create a New key in Autorun’ (2). Follow the directions there.

12a. If you have a graphics card that doesn’t support EFI boot, open System Preferences on the target Mac, plug in the SFOTT USB key, and open the ‘Startup Disk’ preference pane. Select the SFOTT key and reboot from the panel.

12b. If you are using a Mac with built-in graphics or your graphics card supports EFI boot, just reboot and hold down option after the chime.

13. Your install should continue as expected.


1. The installer says ‘OS X Cannot be Installed on this Machine':
Make sure you set your machine/board-id in step 6-7.

BitBridge, a Siri-controlled Solution!

Here at BitTank, we write a lot of apps that never see the light of day, mostly because they aren’t suitable for the end user and requires changing code manually. Recently, I decided to make a lamp that is controlled by Siri, easy right? Slap SiriProxy on a RaspberryPi and be done with it. Wrong. SiriServer doesn’t work with iOS 7, much less iOS 8. I knew it could be done somehow. I looked at Googolplex (bad idea), but I eventually came to HomeKit, a new Apple API that allows you to control household stuff with Siri. Perfect application of API, my lamp. Now, on GitHub, I have for OS X, BitBridge, an application that makes your Mac appear like a HomeKit bridge on the network and advertises sample services, the only one that actually works is the Light. The Light opens up a serial port to my Arduino and sends commands. The bridge receives commands from the HomeKit API. In order for this to work, you need to use a client app on your iPhone, also on the BitTank Github as ‘BitBridge-iOS’. Check them out today!

Quick Update: Pardon our mess, its the goat’s fault.

Hey guys, I’m back for a short while, sorry there hasn’t been any actual content posted, no excuses I just haven’t updated the (we)blog. Interesting word, blog. Originally weblog (web-log) someone just took the we out of it and thats why there is only one writer on small blogs. Not really. Why did I even type that, just wasting your time I guess. Anyway, pardon the footer at the bottom, the widgets are having a hard time adjusting, soon I will have actual links at the bottom, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think this theme is better than the previous. Last bit, on the iPhone, the website looks like your great Aunt Marge’s beard, so I’d recommend not visiting and then hating, its just not done. Anyway, props to you guys for actually dealing with the website while it was broken (the comments area was god awful, and it still has its issues.)



Edit: the footer is MOSTLY fixed, had to take it to rehab.